RECORDING : Use a real, quiet and good recordinghall with a very large choice of microphones ( over 150) and a personal monitor-system for each musician.
Whether you play jazz, blues, metal, rock, hardcore or punk : Hype provides the best conditions to make very good recordings.
Bring your own instruments or use some of our backline: we have 2 piano's, some Orange gear, Marshall-sets, Vox, Fender, Hammond, Fender Rhodes...
Experiment with a large microphone collection ( more than 150 microphones).
Make your own personal mix ( we have Personal mixers for 12 musicians).
There are a lot of pre-amps, soyou can record everything simultaneously if you would like to do so.
Just play your music and we take care of the rest. You can also record a live album with an audience in the studio. We can mix this live

recording afterwards. If you like : on the SSL Duality.
Experience the difference and record in a real studio. After all, your music is worth it, no?

MIXING can be done in both our SSL Duality or in our ICON studio.                                                        "Out of the box "analogue or "Total recall"

digitalOr in our DIY Studio 3 if you want to do the mixing yourself: studio 3 has 2 setups: an ICON D-Command or an APB Dynasonics Spectra analogue console with analogue outboard.

STUDIO 1: SSL DUALITY 72 CH : mix with the best analogue desk in Belgium.
Extensive collection of outboard with tube and vintage stuff.
Pro Tools HDX version 10  and 4 x 192 I/O's ( extended) gives you 64 channels play out on the SSL. Wordclock with Apogee Big Ben.
Speakersystem is Quested HQ 210+ Crown K2. Custom Quested Sub with K2 Crown, driven by a DBX drive rack.


Total control over your Pro Tools project with our ICON D-Control 32 fader with producersdesk.

De Pro Tools is een HDX op een MAc Pro met SSD drives en 32 gig Ram. PT versie12.4.

De beluistering is Quested VS3208 met een actieve VS1115 Quested sub aan je voeten.
In faze gezet met Smart 7.
Lekker luid dus...maar ook stil op de Yamah NS10 of op hoofdtelefoon.
De ultieme Pro Tools HD studio!

MASTERING : We can offer you high quality mastering. Check the dedicated website :